About GainProfit

GainProfit is a Equities trade oriented wealth management firm that strives to actively grow our clients’ wealth through our proven trading methodologies. Our micro level risk management is a unique control-based model where our clients decides their risk appetite.

We divide their risk tolerance into multiple trades and execute with a Risk:Reward ratio of 1:4. We take many odd enhancers in our favor such as Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis, Curve analysis, Trend analysis, EMAs stretch, Volatility, Volume, NEWS and more.

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GainProfit’s proven trading approaches have been refined over the years to deliver returns in any market. The hallmark of our trading philosophy makes us the partner of choice for HNIs, family owned establishments & organizations. These entities benefit using GainProfit to funnel ROI from very liquid international markets.


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Multiplying Your Wealth Responsibly

At GainProfit, we serve clients from across the globe with honesty & integrity. Our aim is to help our clients acquire high returns through investments aligned with their core beliefs and principles. With our disciplined, consistent and high-probabilitstic trading models we strive to achieve greater profits consistently.

Our Mission

We help our clients enhance their wealth through disciplined, probabilistic and high-potential trading strategies that deliver high returns consistently.

Our Values

We accommodate our clients' specific needs and only enter trades that meet their requirements. We maintain each client with complete honesty and sincerity.

Our Team

Our team is staffed by high skilled traders. We aim for excellence and our disciplined approach ensures there are no emotions at play in any trade.

Our Governance

We adhere to the laws of the land and have a strong approach towards fiduciary responsibilities. Once risk is calculated by human intelligence and strong analysis, we rely extensively on automation to enforce our risk-management strategies with no greed or fear.

Wealth Management

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Our Approach

Learn what makes our trading methodology deliver high returns consistently

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Trading Principles

Explore the various instruments and commodities we trade in to derive profits

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GainProfit works with clients from across the globe to help them access and profit from global markets. Reach out to us to know how we can help you.