Firm Overview

How is GainProfit’s approach to wealth management different?

Unlike typical wealth management companies that combines several asset classes, GainProfit is a trade oriented wealth management firm that strives to actively grow our clients’ wealth through our proven trading methodologies. Our micro level risk management is a unique controlled base model where our clients decides their tolerance. We divide that into multiple trades and execute with a Risk:Reward ratio of 1:4. We take many odd enhancers in our favor such as Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis, Curve analysis, Trend analysis, EMAs stretch, Volatility, Volume and News.

How much experience do you have in Wealth Management?

We have a combined experience of 35 years in our team.

What does a typical client look like?

Typically, we work with HNIs (high net worth individuals) and establish organizations.

How would you describe your wealth management philosophy?

We follow a disciplined, consistent, probability-based approach to help you realize more profits. Our approach minimizes risk and increases probability of profit. We trade along with large institutions and follow a trading methodology we have perfected over the years.

Why should I choose you as my wealth manager?

At GainProfit, we follow a customer centric wealth management philosophy that considers your risk-appetite, religious preferences and any other specific requirements to inform our trading approach. We are focused on growing your wealth month on month and have a track record of delivering market-beating returns. Our team has decades of successful trading experience and can drive profitable trades in any market.

Do you have branches across the world?

While focused in managing funds in US Exchanges, GainProfit is very actively investing in research to lunch offices in Asia and Europe.

What minimum amount can I invest?

We advise our clients to start their account in the vicinity of $2M.

What are my risks of investing?

Risk is a fundamental aspect of investing. Investing in equities and currency commodities carries significant complications and high risks. It is essential that investors are aware of and accept the risks involved before investing. Investors should know the invested capital can increase or decrease significantly based on various factors. An investor can get back more or less than the amount invested. Information given about past performance is not a guarantee of future performance or results. The information mentioned on this website has been prepared by GainProfit and its affiliates to explain about our services and offerings. Information on the website may be incomplete or inaccurate or may have errors or may be out of date. This information may be modified, deleted, added to or changed in any format at any time. GainProfit and its affiliates bear no responsibility for any action taken by anyone on the basis of information represented on this website.

What is the guarantee of my investment fund?

At GainProfit, we strive to achieve the highest possible return for your account using our trading methodologies. However, due to the nature of the equities and currencies we invest in, our trades carry high risks. We aim to reduce our risk exposure through several strategies and techniques and achieve a higher return. Investors should understand that our past performance is not a guarantee of high future returns. We make no guarantees about the growth of the capital. The capital invested may increase or decrease due to different factors.

What is the expected return of my investment?

On average, our clients typically gain an annual return of 25%-30%. Our trading team works to achieve the highest possible return using our proven trading methodology.

Is my ROI taxable?

Yes, investor is responsible for paying all their taxes on their ROI.

Is it possible to visit GainProfit?

Yes, you can reach out to us via the details mentioned on the contact page.

What if I need to reach a support person right away?

Each client is assigned a client manager who is responsible for your portfolio. You will have their contact information and can reach out to them for all your queries. You will also have information of company’s CEO to reach out to as well.

What is required to move my investment to GainProfit and how long does the process take?

GainProfit follows a structured approach to onboard investors into our wealth management services. Once you sign an agreement with us, we follow a strict verification process to comply with the laws of both the United States, where we are based, and the investors' country. The process takes between 1-2 weeks.


GainProfit works with clients from across the globe to help them access and profit from global markets. Reach out to us to know how we can help you.