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At GainProfit, we follow United States patent-level strategy to identify supply-and-demand imbalances in the market, allowing us to find high-probability, low-risk opportunities. Since 2015, we have continuously refined our trading style to derive the maximum reward from every trade. Our approach has been battle-tested over the years and is capable of delivering profits in any market. Moreover, we only trade Equities that are listed in United States Exchanges.

Ascertain Market Direction

There are several key elements we consider to understand which direction the market will be taking. This includes News and Announcements that can impact the economy, Upgrades/Downgrades, earning schedules and more. We closely monitor global financial environment change such as trade war, cyber security and geopolitics.

Trade Identification

In order to qualify a trade, we use several odds enhancers and tools to inform our trading decisions. We consider the market direction, analyse the Liquidity/ Spread/ Volume/ Volatility and assess other key indicators to make the right decision. We use odds enhancers such as Curve Analysis, Trend Analysis and identify Supply (selling) and Demand (buying) zones. Our micro level risk management is a unique control-based model where our clients decide their risk appetite. We take their risk tolerance and divide into multiple trades and execute with a Risk:Reward ratio of 1:4.

Profit Taking

At GainProfit, we take profits consistently to grow our clients' wealth. Our trades are executed in a manner that 50% of that position is closed at target 1 which is 1.5x of the pre calculated risk, hence making the trade risk free. We close 25% of the trade at target 2 and the balance 25% of the trade at target 3. This disciplined approach to trading allows us to take profits while staying within the risk-levels set with our clients.


GainProfit works with clients from across the globe to help them access and profit from global markets. Reach out to us to know how we can help you.